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Hybrid Meeting Agenda 09/03/05

Due to LV2 system test in the next few weeks, propulsion meetings will be postponed until September 3rd, after the launch in central Oregon.

Some calculations for propellant, motor and vehicle possible weights.

Other additional important information here. :-)

Historical note

This August launch was the demoralizing crash of the LV2 airframe and avionics. The final blow to the hybrid propulsion project was the departure of team lead Brian O'Neel, who decided to devote his time to his newborn twins. No one stepped up to take his place and the propulsion project has been on mothballs ever since. Remaining team members have been working diligently on a replacement airframe and more robust recovery mechanism (the point of failure of the 2005 crash).

Other groups have taken quite an interest in paraffin hybrids in the meantime. The original Stanford group spun off into Space Propulsion Group who are continuing to work with NASA to develop larger hybrid engines for their Peregrine sounding rocket. Other university research programs are continuing at Stanford, HyEnD at the University of Stuttgart, and Hybrid Rocket Propulsion Laboratory in Korea.