PSAS/ OpenProjects

We always have projects that we'd like to work on but can't find the time for. If you want to contribute to our goal of putting a nanosatellite into orbit, you might consider tackling one of these open projects. (Some of us personally consider the completion of some of these projects to be worth buying you lunch.) Some of these projects are being worked on, but don't let that stop you from volunteering; there's plenty of work to go around.


Most of us focus on the technical aspects of building and launching rockets, which means that we tend to neglect important organizational work, like these projects:

Improve this web site. We have been accumulating information about rocketry since 1997, and by now the result is a mess. But this web site is a wiki: anyone with an account can edit and improve it. We'd like you to:

  1. read the existing content;
  2. find places where it's confusing;
  3. pester us with questions until you're not confused any more;
  4. and fix the content to reflect what you've learned.

Besides being insanely useful to the project, improving our content is an easy way to learn about everything we do.

Help coordinate our public events, such as our once-per-term introductory meeting, or the proposed rocketry movie night during dead week. These events are a lot of work when we have just one or two people running them, but with your help the load will be that much lighter. If we find enough people to coordinate, we can have events more often, which would be fun for everybody.


Got a realistic project idea that you think fits with our mission? Contact us and we'll add it to this list.