PSAS/ OpenHardwarePoster

On May 9 2006, the new Engineering Building at PSU will be dedicated. Our charge is to produce a poster for this event talking about Open Technology / Open Hardware. The poster needs to be in a standard format: an Open Doc template poster-template.odp is attached. To use it effectively, you'll need the font Century Gothic installed. Download the zipfile . On Linux you can just unzip it into a directory called ".fonts" in your home directory. On Windows or Mac, you're on your own. Thanks much to Free Downloads for providing this font in its "6500 Free TTF Fonts" section.

Please edit this page with text and pictures that you think would be good to have on the poster. Once we've got some content, we'll have a meeting to discuss layout. Put your name and email on the list below if you want to attend the meeting and be credited on the poster.