PSAS/ CapstoneLV2bProjectReport/ ConstructionAndTest/ SPS

Front end

Turn on transient for passives

Circuit breaker (CB)

CB trip point (make sure fuse doesn't blow)

Quiescent current draw of U250


Minimum discontinuous mode current

Minimum output voltage for the minimum on time of U200

Frequency compensation testing & component selection

Light/Heavy load

Hot/Cold temperature

High/Low input voltage

Overvoltage (OV)

Start up of OV (no latch-up, no oscillations)

Check adequacy of comparator power supply

Secondary supply

Estimation of secondary supply voltage and maximum current

Cross regulation of dual voltage supplies (what effects do each have on the other)

Final System block testing

Maximum system current flow

Temperature rise

Cleanliness of OV and CB trip points

Voltage(s) seen when coming out of undervoltage (UV) lockouts (both CB and the switcher)