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These pages contain most of the project and technical information for the airframe systems of PSAS' launch vehicle No.2.


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Additional Project Information:

PSAS Airframe Team: AirframeTeamRoster
Airframe Team Mailing list: psas-airframe
Upcoming Meetings: Schedule

Airframe Team Meeting Minutes:

AirframeSeperationTest Airframe separation charge testing.
MonkeynautTraining Baker recieves Zero-G Monkeynaut Training.
2002-08-29 Made the avionics module "AMP"s plates. Pics & dimensions.
2002-07-15 Third fin layup. Motor adapter work.
2002-07-11 Second fin layup. Motor adapter work.
2002-07-08 Fins: final design reached, construction details.
2002-06-24 Line cutter tests (movies!)