PSAS/ news/ 2002-07-11

Thursday July 11th, 2002 Airframe Team Workshop

Participants: Brian, Maggie, Tim, Jim and Cathy.

The second fin was layed up.
Motor adapter centering ring fabrication begun.
Threadcerting of aeroshell to aluminum frame begun.
Came to consensus on motor retainer design.
Discussed recovery system packing and fitting on nomex shield.

Will meet again Monday to do 3rd fin.
Maggie will work on nose cone prep over the weekend.
Tim will work with avionics group to design patch antenna - aeroshell interface and umbilical system.
Brian will work with Jim and Dennis on testing and analysis of launch clamps.

1) completed layup of first fin. Awaiting final shape.
2) Motor adapter centering ring prior to turning on lathe.
3) Aligning aero-shell on frame using backlighting.