PSAS/ news/ 2002-06-24

Thursday June 20th, 2002 Airframe Team Workshop

Participants: Brian, Maggie, Tim, Cathy and Jim.

Two test were conducted on the line cutter:
1) Line under no load.
2) Line under approx. 5lb load.

The tests were successful.

One pyrotechnic nose cone seperation test was performed using mock-up nose and recovery module.

Recovery module base plate prototype in place.
Main parachute and drogue volume simulated to insure gas seal.
1.2 grams FFFg black powder used.
2, .08 dia. shear pins used to attach nose

Test successfully sheared pins and deployed nose section to approx. 12 feet above recovery module.

More testing with actual flight hardware will be performed.

unloadedcutter\ 00016.jpg