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Motor to Module Coupler For LV2

In LV2 we have adopted a modular approach to the upper sections of the vehicle, whereas the lower, motor section continues to be customized for each particular design. We therefore have a small piece of hardware which connects the motor to the upper modules.

This page documents the interfacing unit that connects the motor casing to the furthest aft modular unit, which is by design the avionics module. We call the interface the "Motor to Avionics Coupler" or simply the "Motor Coupler". The particular piece of hardware described here is specific to *N* size and smaller motors. We anticipate the need for a different interface when we move to *P* and larger motors.

Motor Avionics Coupler.png

The coupler is a simple series of concentric rings machined from a solid disk of ordinary 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

The forward ring slips inside a standard module tube. The outer aft ring slips inside the *N* motor casing. A small angular transition on the outside encourages smooth airflow over the hump.

The aft inner ring accommodates the outer sleeve of the *M* size motors.

The upper module is retained by radial screws into threadserts mounted in the coupler's forward ring.

The *N* motor is retained by axial bolts into the motor bulkhead. The *M* motor is held at the far aft end by an annular plate. The plate connects to thin wall tubing that acts as a faring. The tubing is the same I.D. as the *N* motor casing, but structurally serves only to retain the *M* motor. This faring is attached to the coupler by screws in the same manner as the upper modules.

Motor Avionics Coupler v.1-1(final)(source format)
Motor Avionics Coupler v.1-1 (pdf format)