PSAS/ news/ 2006-02-15 - EAGLE CAD Workshop

We're putting on a 4 hour workshop for the EAGLE PCB CAD tool. In reality, it'll probably only take a few hours, but we've left time for questions, comennts, and advanced features for people who already use EAGLE.


We had to choose a CAD program for PSAS since we're doing our own PCBs. We wanted an open source PCB CAD program, but the current one (gEda) is just not quite there yet (in our opinion). As it gets better, we'll probably do the switch to OSS, but for now it's just not tenable for our project.

EAGLE CAD, from, fits the bill in many respects:

There are some big drawbacks, however:

Since PSAS is restricted to relatively small 2-layer boards anyway, we're OK with these limitations. Note that there are (painful) ways to get around the board size limitation, such as overlaying Gerber files after the CAM step using GerberTiler, but in general we don't recommend it.

Pre-Workshop Homework

If you're going to come to the workshop, please do the following:

  1. First, PLEASE let us know you're coming by emailing Thanks.
  2. Download EAGLE CAD from and install it on your computer.
  3. Play around with it. Take the tour, go through the tutorial, or maybe even read the manual.
  4. Download the PSAS key bindings and install them into EAGLE:*checkout*/trunk/cad/eagle/scripts/goodkeys.scr?rev=769
  5. Also get the PSAS custom parts library:*checkout*/trunk/cad/eagle/libraries/psas_eagle_library.lbr?rev=2706
  6. Finally, if you do have a laptop, we'll encourage you to bring it for the workshop and follow along with us as we step through EAGLE.

Here are the workshop notes: EagleCadWorkshopNotes