PSAS/ news/ 2003-03-11 - Recovery node design review

Today's meeting was a design review of the LV2 Recovery Node, the CAN node which fires the pyrotechnic charges which deploy the recovery system (parachutes). Tim did the design, and broke up the node into four schematics: The Switching Power Supply (SPS), Battery Backup (BB), Highly Available Power Supply (HAP), and pyrotechnic firing circuit (PYRO).

Tim did an excellent job A) designing the circuits and B) presenting them to us (Michael, Markus, Larry, Glenn, Andrew). Go Tim go!

Here are a Michael's notes (thanks Michael!) with Andrew's (AG) appended.





All, general, presentation:

Other issues:

Some other issues: The control lines to the pll are missing. The pll needs four lines, a clock, data in, data out (so what went in can be verified) and enable. My notes that I am doing in liew of short term memory will contain the needed data. Am doing up the board, but The Schematic has ERRORS in it. I need to revise it in a couple of small ways, but the existing one isn't right. I caught this doing my layout for the board. ?DennisYoung - 01 Jun 2003