PSAS/ RecoveryNodeUplinkLv2

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2m Radio Receiver for the LV2 Recovery Node


A 2m amateur radio receiver which sends audio (in out case, DTMF tones) to the Recovery Node.

Work in progress

The board has been fabbed and tested and works great when shielded. See schematic and board attached below.

Here are the RSSI voltages I measured in the lab on 6-Sep-2004. They are independent of the tuning of the demodulator, and SINAD. These voltages seemed real similar when Keith and I re-tested on 11-Sep-2004 in the desert.

RSSI voltage vs applied 144.0 MHz dead carrier:

-50 dBm        0.97 volts DC
-60            0.87
-70            0.77
-80            0.64
-90            0.54
-100           0.52    (Expected to be MDS)

-- GlennLeBrasseur