PSAS/ GlennLeBrasseur

Glenn Noel LeBrasseur

Email: glennl (at) twaves (dot) org

Current Projects

ECE Capstone Team 25 - PSAS Avionics

This year (2005/2006) I will be working on the PSAS Avionics capstone project with team members Sarah Bailey and ?Jacob Davidson. We will be designing the generic front end flight computer node interface that will be used on the current LV2 and subsequent projects.

Software Defined Radio

I am available as a radio system hardware resource for the PSU Software Defined Radio (SDR) project.

Upcomming or Ongoing Projects

PSAS Communications Team

I am a part of the PSAS Communications team, whereby we are responsible for sending bits between the LV family of rockets and the ground. Most of our work can be found on the Communications Team web page. We will be recreating the communications system for LV2b.