PSAS/ SarahBailey


Current Projects

Currently, I'm building a substitute for the current Linux USB filesystem. Eventually, it will replace libusb. This project will help simplify the host software on the flight computer. It will also simplify the software-defined radio (SDR) project by providing a new way to interface with the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). The website for this project is

The USB firmware for the avionics node "front-end" has been put on the back burner for now. The work page is here.

Old Projects

Check out my SDR (software defined radio) Rocket Telemetry System project homepage.

PSAS as a PSU Student Club

I'm currently the president of PSAS. The officers act as liaisons between PSAS and the PSU student organization council (SOC). SOC gives us about $400 per year, which adds up to a small pile of electronics and some pizza. We're currently appealing for more money from the Student Fee Council (SFC); we should get around $4,000 if it works out well. If you want more information on student club status, check out the PSAS student club page.