PSAS/ CanNodeFirmwareImu

LV2 IMU CAN Node Firmware

IMU CAN Node Hardware Stuff:

The IMU CAN node is a PIC16F877+SJA1000 PCB (from 6/2001) modified to use a PIC18F458 with, of course, an IMU.

Schematic is attached below.

Hardware interface:

PIC Pin No: ..which is IMU function:
RD0 - RD7 (see schem.) MAX197 ADC Pins D0 - D7
RC1 (pin 35) MAX197 ADC /WR (pin 3)
RC0 (pin 32) MAX197 ADC /RD (pin 4)
RE0 (pin 25) MAX197 ADC /CS (pin 2)
RB0 (INT0) (pin 8) MAX197 ADC /INT (pin 24)
RE2 (pin 27) MAX197 ADC HBEN (pin 5)
RC2 (pin 36) ADXLxxx Accelerometer test
RA0/AN0 (pin 19) Thermister on IMU board

IMU CAN node Firmware notes:

Attached below is firmware from the IMU calibration project which used a PIC16F877 to sample the the ADC and stream the data over a serial line. It should be a great place to start for writing the IMU interface code.