PSAS/ news/ 2008-07-23 - New avionics folks, nosecone mold finished, OSCON

Part I - New folks

John and Chris, both ECE students, showed up and expressed interest in working on the avionics after seeing Josh's embedded Linux talk last week. Andrew told them to go read the 2006 Capstone final report and show up next week, to talk with Jamey and Josh about Linuxy things to do.

Part II - Nosecone mold finished.

Dan finished up the nosecone mold! He'll give it a try this weekend, if possible. Here are some pics:

Inside of the nosecone mold. Outside of the nosecone mold.


We showed off the rocket at OSCON this year, courtesy IBM via Bart. Here's the schedule from it - Thanks to Maria and Jules who really did yeoman's duty manning the booth.