PSAS/ news/ 2003-11-19 - v3 CPA meeting

In attendence: Timr, Tim, Glenn, Dave, Andrew

First step: Sensitivity analysis, more measurements, vacuum pumps

Second step: Design the antennas

Third step: Get the v3's made or start over

Other stuff

Follow up

Tim's sensitivity analysis

The frequency shift vs epsilon_r is about -572 MHz at epsilon_r = 1.2, meaning to lower the resonant frequency 5MHz requires an epsilon_r of around 1.209, which is about +0.7%.

The frequency shift vs dielectric gap is about -3.79 MHz/mm, which is quite low. So this should not be an important factor.

On the other hand, the sensitivity vs gap assumes a constant epsilon_r in the gap. This may not be the case since it would seem the density of the foam, and therefore its dielectric constant is affected by its state of compression. As noted, anything that changes the dielectric coefficient changes the frequency quite a bit.

Foam Sucking

See 2003-11-21.