PSAS/ news/ 2003-10-06 - First test of v2 CPAs (built in NV desert) in PSU Microwave Lab: resonant frequencies off scale for 2/3

Who: Glenn (!)

Glenn did the first round of testing the CPAs which were fabbed in the desert of Nevada. The results were off scale for all but the 1.277 GHz ATV antenna, so if you're interested in all three antennas see the next workshop we did: 2003-10-10

Testing the air in the lab

The three CPA antennas were tested in the PSU microwave lab using an HP 8753E Vector Network Analyzer. The test measured the S11 parameter.

Attached below are the screen dump images made by the HP8753E VNA on 7-Oct-2003. The 1.2 GHz test actually shows resonance. Included also is the 1.2 GHz SWR graph with the marker positioned at resonance to show the minimum SWR and resonant frequency. This will allow us to reverse-design to find an actual real world Er, and then compensate the design. The tests at 2.4 GHz and 1.5 GHz need to be performed again to find resonance to check this reverse-design procedure.