PSAS/ news/ 2002-09-19 - Tuning 1.3GHz and 2.4GHz helical antennas @ the PSU microwave lab

Nate and I (Andrew) tuned the 2.422GHz and 1.277GHz helical antennas with Phillip Wong's help using the HP network analyzer in PSU's microwave lab.

Here's the results:

1.277GHz Helical Antennas

Antenna A:

Antenna B:

2.422GHz Helical Antennas

Antenna A:

Antenna B:

Antenna C:

Just to make sure our VSWR reading were right, we tried the calibrated 50ohm load again and got a value of 50.09ohms which is right.

2.422GHz Slot Antenna

We cut cable B's SMA cable off since it was weird and did a half-assed job of touching the network analyzer to the 2.422GHz slot in the airframe. We got a VSWR = 5.5 but we didn't expect much since we didn't have a matching balun or anything (including a good connection :).

Thanks to Phillip, who made this first test possible!