PSAS/ news/ 2002-05-10

Tuesday May 10 2002 Avionics Conference Call

Participants: Glenn, Tim and Andrew, on the phone with Spencer Webb.

Spencer Webb, located in New Hampshire (see designs antennas for a living. He's got an impressive array of antennas on his web site, take a look if you have some free time.

We originally approached Spencer for help about 6 months ago. He suggested getting the book Antenna Engineering Handbook which we then bought and indeed, it had a cylindrical patch antenna design just like we wanted. Glenn read the article, did a bunch of research on microwave matching networks, and came up with a first rev of a design.

Andrew wrote a MATLAB routine to calculate some parameters given everything else, and by Thursday evening the design was done. We faxed it over to Spencer, and called him the next day.

Spencer verified that our design looked sane. We threw a ton of questions at him, and the interesting points were:

We talked after the conference calls and decided on a few key points: