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The following Eagle schematics represent the initial attempt at schematic capture for the HAP, it is broken into two parts, the charger with battery, and the output regulator.

HAP-Charger rev1.sch


HAP-Output-Regulator rev1.sch

Two primary contenders for the Li-Ion to 3.3V supply are the LTC3441 from Linear Technologies and the TPS63001 from TI. Both datasheets are linked below.

Linear LTC3441 Datasheet:,C1,C1003,C1042,C1116,C1790,P2149,D1054

TI TPS6300X Datasheet:

Update, the desire for on-chip control via an external thermistor in the battery has been expressed, this removes all existing parts from consideration including the Semtech SC806 IC that was previously chosen. This is a late game catch that results in significant redesign of the charger circuit, but should have little impact overall if the new IC is chosen quickly. To this end there are several ICs from Intersil that look promising. They are :ISL6292, ISL6292D, and the ISL9205. O these the ISL9205 looks most interesting initially.

INTERSIL ISL9205 Datasheet:

INTERSIL ISL6292 Datasheet:

INTERSIL ISL6292D Datasheet:

The SC806 had been chosen for the HAP battery charger and the LTC3441 had been chosen as the HAP output converter.

The datasheet for the Semtech SC806 lithium ion battery charger is here:,C1,C100,C149,P2432&id=623

Component choices for the SC806 Charger are as follows:

Battery choices:

model: PL-053048 manufacturer: Capacity: 750 mA Dimensions: 1.89 x 1.18 x .197 Datasheet:

model: 30124 manufacturer: Tenergy capacity: 450 mA dimensions: 1.65 x .83 x .24 datasheet:

model: GMB403040 manufacturer: GUANGZHOU MARKYN BATTERY CO., LTD Capacity: 450 mA Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.2 x .16 datasheet: