PSAS/ avionics/ av3-battery-pack

The AV3 battery pack was originally picked during the 2009 capstone project.

Battery Pack Requirements

Chosen Battery Cells

We're using a 4S2P pack of "AA Portable Power Corp" PL-5467100-2C (2.75,3.7,4.2) V at 4.250 AHr Li-polymer cell.

Battery pack enclosure

The pack should be held together by double-sticky adhesive-only (thin) tape. It can also be held in the battery box this way, but it will make it essentially impossible to take out if we go this route.

The thermisters for the battery sensor board need to fit in the pack; I'm thinking it's a thin SMT part that gets inserted between cells 2 and 3 and between cells 6 and 7, probably in between two strips of tape.

Battery cell boards

In order strain relieve the battery tabs, we're going to solder them down the tabs to small, thin PCBs that will live on the small thin shelf of each cell, like a battery protection circuit. The shelf area is 65 mm wide, 4-5 mm deep, and about 4 mm high.

What we want the PCB to be < 60 mm x 4 mm, and have an area to solder the tabs, and an area to solder two different wires for each tab. Thus we'll have four wires coming off each cell, two for B+ and two for B-.