wiki/ news/ 2011-05-31 - Next Launch: July 31, 2011

At tonight's meeting we got everyone on board for an end of July for the next launch of LV2.3.

We had previously discussed launch days and came up with end of July, we were just waiting for a few key people to get on-board. Now we think we have everybody so:

  1. It's Official, Launch date set for Sunday, July 31st.
  2. Logistics
  3. Systems Integration Day
  4. Launch Day Logistics
  5. Timeline
  6. Needs Ride
  7. Has Room in Car
  8. Has a hotel room to share (not camping)
  9. Checklists
  10. Launch Tower Computer (LTC) Box List
  11. TO REPAIR:
  12. Launch Control (LC) Loose Items
  13. Launch Control (LC) Box Items
  14. To Get:
  15. General Things to bring

It's Official, Launch date set for Sunday, July 31st.

As a backup we picked Sunday August 21st.

We will be launching at the Oregon Rocketry's Brothers launch site in Eastern Oregon.

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If you would like to attend you can drop us a line at


Systems Integration Day

In order to prep the rocket for the launch we need to put together all the parts and prep the rocket for launch. The goal will be to verify as much of the rocket will be ready for launch and to give us a couple of weeks to fix things if necessary.


Launch Day Logistics


Date Time Activities
Tuesday 07/26 7:00pm - 10:00pm Final go/no-go decision on launch (depends on weather).
Saturday 07/30 8:30am Gresham early crew leaves. Coordinate with Rob and Chris
Saturday 07/30 8:00am - 10:00am Meet at Tim's house in Tigard: Final checklists, coordinateion and packing.
Saturday 07/30 10:00am - 3:00pm Drive to Brothers, Oregon launch site (4.5 hour drive).
Saturday 07/30 3:00pm - 7:00pm Set up launch site.
Saturday 07/30 Evening Final prep, marshmallow roast, star viewing.
Sunday 07/31 8:00am - 12:00pm Final launch prep.
Sunday 07/31 12:00pm - 2:00pm Target time for launch!
Sunday 07/31 2:00pm - 4:00pm Recover rocket, pack up.
Sunday 07/31 4:00pm - Evening Possibly dinner in Bend, return to Portland (4.5 hour drive)

Needs Ride

Has Room in Car

Has a hotel room to share (not camping)


Last launches checklists still stand:

On our integration test day we cleaned out some of the old equipment boxes and redid their checklists. Here are the new box checklists:

Launch Tower Computer (LTC) Box List

Check Number Item
1x Box of 10 Amp 3AG fast action fuses
2x LTC to Tower U-bolts
1x Banana shorting bar
1x APP Y connector
1x LED viewing cup
1x Bag of 12 in reusable zip ties
1x APP extension cord
1x 33' N to N coax cable
1x APP to igniter alligator leads
1x Igniter and safety away box assembly
1x Pen, Sharpie, Notepad
1x LTC marked Toolbox
1x Iginiter test light bulb
1x Dust rag

Plus the LTC itself


Replace igniter alligator leads

Launch Control (LC) Loose Items

Check Number Item
1x 4'x4' plywood antenna tower base + 6 5/16" bolts & nuts (should be attached to base)
1x LC tripod + J brackets
1x Large LC antenna pole
1x small LC antenna pole
1x 2 m J-pole antenna w PL239 connector
1x LC Table
2x pop up tents

Launch Control (LC) Box Items

Check Number Item
1x 40' PL239 2m band cable
1x 33' N connector 5.8 GHz WiFi cable
1x RPTNC Female to Male N adapter
1x Female to Female N Barrel
1x 2m band mic head
1x Yellow caution tape
1x Female PTC TNC monopole WiFi antenna
1x 120 V AC 13.8 V 15 A DC converter
1x 14.5" black zip ties
1x bag of 12 V fuses
1x Yaesu 1500m instruction manual
1x 5' 12 V APP to APP cable
1x 3' 4 to 1 APP connector
2x APP Y connector
3x APP to 5 mm Barrel
1x APP to Yaesu power
1x 3' cat 5 cable
1x 3' 6 plug mains power strip

To Get:

General Things to bring

Also listed in the master check list: