PSAS/ news/ 2011-02-22 - Re-lauch of general team meetings!


Meeting Notes

We went around the table and did a individual and team update. Some of the highlights are:

We've heard from a few groups considering trying for the NASA Nanosatellite Launch Challenge. We're not going to try as an independent group, but if we can, we could help those groups who need an avionics/control system.

We discussed ITAR, and decided the best thing to do is go directly to the state department and get clarification of where we land.

For the next round of innovation grants, we should really submit one just for the rocket itself. We should be able to fund a launch off of that. Also: revamped launch tower?

We discussed our inability to keep new people, and both newbies and ex-newbies (!) like Kenny chimed in. Here are some of the things we decided would help new people:

It was a good re-launch of general meetings... thanks everyone who attended!

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