PSAS/ news/ 2009-10-02 - Black Rock Desert launch **SCRUBBED**


WAs of 8:00am Thursday October 1st, we've decided to scrub the PSAS BRD launch this year for a whole variety of reasons, including nasty weather, bad logistics, rocket work we want to have done, and the fact that there's a launch in two weeks in Brothers. Note that the BALLS 18 event is still on for this weekend, we just won't be officially attending or launching as a group.

Previous information

Here's the initial information for the AHPRA "BALLS 2009" launch in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.


Everyone needs to register prior to September 28th in order to go. Registration is $40/each.

Preliminary Timeline

Date Description
Tue 9/22 Go/No go decision; send in registration forms.
Tue 9/29 Final "Go/No go" decision because of weather).
Fri 10/2 Drive all day from PDX to BRD (takes ~ 10 Hrs).
Sat 10/3 Setup ground systems, watch other rocket launches! Possible launch?
Sun 10/4 Launch around noon.
Mon 10/5 Drive all day from BRD to PDX (takes ~ 10 Hrs).


Most of us will be driving there, in trucks and cars. Some folks will fly into Reno and rent cars/RVs in Reno and drive up (the BRD is about 2 hours from Reno).

You can stay at Bruno's Motel if there's room, but you have to reserve them ASAP. Most of us will camp.

Don't forget to bring food and a ton of water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc etc because it's a nasty dusty desert environment.

Getting there

What we're launching

We're most likely going to just do one or more "airframe only" launches. However, we may have active roll control(!).