PSAS/ news/ 2009-07-21 - Avionics mounting structure

Dave and Andrew came up with an improved version of the LV2 avionics system mounting plates. It should give us more room for avionics, still provide us with two RF chambers, and be a more precision fit to the module.

The idea is to have mounting plates machined out of Aluminum rounds that precisely fit in the module, then hang 1/8" Aluminum sheet metal "cages" off two sides to create two RF chambers. The cages could use an RF gasket to seal against the Aluminum module.

We use three plates:

1st Plate
Battery pack
2nd Plate
Avionics (CPAs fit between 2nd and 3rd plates?)
3rd Plate

Here's some sketches of the ideas:

Avionics mounting hardware sketches


We decided that an easier way to do this system is to use "D" shaped standoffs at the four corners of the plates, and then just cut the plates out of sheet metal.