PSAS/ news/ 2009-06-16 - Roll stability random discussion notes

Tue 16 June 2009 20:13:51 (PDT)

Notes from random discussion about roll control of airframe.

Roll is defined here as rotation around vertical axis.

  1. Where should the canards go?

    • Top of rocket, extreme position, hard on stability.
    • center of rocket: convenient to electronics and power.
    • bottom of rocket: motor in the way?
  2. How big/ what effect to counter the roll magnitude.

  3. Would 2 be big enough to affect course control?

  4. Same fins for course control and roll stability.

  5. Concerns about moving center of pressure above center of gravity, creating unstable flight.

  6. Add electronic 'roll' compass for course control. 3d compass. -demonstrate pointing at object. (turn rocket about z axis. 'roll').

  7. Modeling design envelope.

    • What are we trying to accomplish?
    • Stability:
    • Flight Vectoring:
    • Roll control:
  8. Control model

    • alpha vs .Cn, where is M<1
  9. List of sensors needed:

    • roll gyro
    • compass.