PSAS/ news/ 2009-05-20 - Pre-launch prep: putting the recovery system together.


Dave and Tim put the recovery system together. Here are some pictures!

TODO: Tim, write up notes!

Below is the line cutters, tied around the main bar in the air frame, with pyro lead wires coming out.

These are the pyro leads (4 total) coming out of the nose-cone separation ring. Two leads will go to the main ARTS2 flight computer, the other 2 leads will go to a backup (TBD).

We lined the inside of the recovery module with 1/4" foam sheet, in part due to the interior lip of the NSR, and in part to keep the contents from bulging out of the cut-outs of the module.

The bottom part of the main chute webbing is in a slip-knot around the main bar.

For the chute cords, we run a long cord from the top of the bag, down thru the line cutter rope loop, up again, do a figure 8 know at the top, the doubled part of the line is wrapped in heat shrink, from there, we loosly wrap rubber bands round about 16 feet of line, tie into a quick-link, tie into the drogue bag, then go on to knot off on the nosecone. Roughly 25 feet of total line.

Packing of the drogue chute.

Just before were going to put the nose cone on.

There's a thraded rod draw-bar to pull up on the top of the pusher while assembling the recovery system.

Bottom image of the drogue pusher, this will thrust the drogue bag out of the nose-cone after it separates.

Hold drogue bag in place...

Push down...

Insert screws....