wiki/ news/ 2009-05-03 - Integration and Test Day Part 1/2


We met at Tim's house this Sunday from 10:00am until the late afternoon to set up the launch tower, put together the rocket, revive all the old ground systems equipment, and make sure everything was up and running.

The outcome was very positive: there's a lot to do, but everything was working, including the new launch tower, and old communications system.


Next step

A dry-run launch on Sunday May 17th, again at Tim's house.


Launch Tower on the ground
Launch control electronics
Rocket sections
The tower's up!
Looking up the tower
Ground control. Has radios and a computer for initiating a launch
Assembling the rocket
Launch lugs. These guide the rocket up the launch rail attached to the tower
Rocket assembling
Looking up the launch rail that will guide the rocket for the first few feet
Loading the rocket
Raising the rocket into position
Rocket in take off position
The whole assembly. Note the BBQ antenna integrated into the tower
Base station and launch tower in final configuration