PSAS/ news/ 2009-03-22 - Parachute deployment test in Tigard

Tim, Andrew and Bart met at a dead-end street in Tigard and pulled out the main parachute at 30 MPH.

We packed the main chute on a tarp outside while it misted, which didn't get the chute very wet. We attached the bag to Bart's car via some webbing to a side door "D" clamp, and then laid the bag on the roof of the car so it was as far off the road as possible. Then we played out about 100' of rope and attached one end of the main chute webbing. The other end went in through the back of Andrew's VW and was held on to by Bart (with gloves, of course). The idea was to have him hold the rope as it pulled out the chutes, and then let go (or have the rope yanked through his glovd hands) as the chute deployed.

It all went very, very well, and we're pleased with how it deployed. In particular, see the 1200fps movie of the parachute coming out of the bag.


Packed up parachute.

Parachutes and lines ready for the pull test.