PSAS/ news/ 2007-08-29 - Go/No go decision for the BRD 2007 launch

BRD 2007 Launch Go/No Go Decision

We're now almost one month away from the Black Rock Desert (BRD) "BALLS" 2007 launch. And we're not totally ready to launch, so we met today to specifically call "go/no-go" on the launch.

Besides the the BRD, the next available launch date is October 12th, in Brothers, which is an OROC launch date. Launching with OROC requires a bit of coordination with them, but it's fun to have other amateur rockets around, and it's great to share an FAA waiver. Note that 10/12 is only two weeks past 9/29, so it actually doesn't buy us that much time. But two weeks can make a big difference.

This is meant to be sort of a to-do list, with notes.



Launch Tower

Launch Tower Computer

Field Server/LTC Comm

2m Communications



Based on the state of the airframe, we decided that the September 29th BRD 2007 launch just isn't feasible to make. We're holding off on the October 12th decision until a meeting in two weeks. That decision will be based on what gets done in the next two weeks, so go team go!