PSAS/ news/ 2007-03-28

Magnetometer Meeting Notes March 28, 2007

Resolution on Magnetometer Resolution

So, we arbitrarily decided that 1 degree resolution on the new magnetometer is OK and here's why:

  1. the magnetometer's job is to de-bias the gyros, which over time, doesn't need to be that accurate since it just needs to pin gyro drift.
  2. our pointing accuracy doesn't need to be sub-degree (this might even extend to accuracies necessary for orbital insertion trajectories).
  3. we can keep it cheap and still our 1 degree resolution... shouldn't cause us to need a lot of crap like external 16b ADCs (in otherwords, stick to the ARM's internal ADC and use cheap op-amps and make Jason deal with it).

Note that the accuracy of the system is dependent on our magnetic models and sensor calibration.

Resolution on Magnetometer Range

Some BS Things

To do list

  1. Jason is going to look for other magnetic sensors besides honeywell: Jason, go ahead and put together an email and mail to it to Tim who will put it on the SensorComparison page.