PSAS/ news/ 2007-01-03 - Where are we, where are we going

General Sort of Status

Well, frankly, not a lot has happened since the capstone kids completed the AV2b USB node design back in May. We're finally coming out of it, however, and ramping up to restart the various projects. Here's a list of the various parts of the avionics system, and a brief note on their status.

USB Status

The FC and nodes are talking USB, so this is the backbone to the new avionics system. But, before we can jump in and build nodes, we should really get a prototype system working first. So Sarah is working on getting the TQM5200 FC to talk to a prototype node (basically just a Olimex LPC2148 development board) in full speed isochrnous mode. Once we've got this working - with a couple of nodes in full speed - we be able to jump straight into the new USB-based system.

Summary: by spring quarter we hope to have end-to-end USB demo at isochonous full speed transfers.

Sensor status

There is a LOT of work to be done on the rocket's sensors that is completely independent of the node microcontroller and communication bus. Luckily this work can be paralleled with the USB work.

Summary: Lots of work to do upgrading LV2's systems.


The infrastructure work can also be be done independently of the uC/USB stuff.

Summary: Lots of work to do replicating or upgrading LV2's systems.


We have to rebuilt the comm systems. We'll probably do almost exactly what we did on LV2 since it worked so amazingly well.

Summary: Lots of rebuilding the LV2 comm systems.

Avionics Module