PSAS/ news/ 2006-02-18

Attending: Glenn and Sarah.

Glenn drew the maximum node front end size, and the maximum size of the various microcontroller packages (64 pins, 100 pins, and 144 pins). After looking at the 144 pin package size, we decided it was just too big for our application.

After ruling out all the 144 pin packages, we were left with 2-4 microcontrollers in each category (CAN only, USB only, and both CAN and USB). We picked the most obvious candidates for each category, and compared across categories. The CAN only microcontrollers didn't come in anything less than 100 pins, and the same was true of the USB and CAN packages. The USB only microcontrollers came in as small as 64 pins (which is the same size as the previous 44 pin PIC package). Since Andrew was unlikely to go with a USB only chip, we said the USB and CAN microcontroller (Atmel) was the best choice. However...