PSAS/ news/ 2005-10-04

SOC Budget Workshop

Last year there were 30-40 groups. This year about 80 attended last week's orientation.

Hoping to have the SOC budgets done by end of next week. (Oct. 14th, or during the week of Oct. 17th.)

For items not listed on the budget request form, attach documents identifying what you want.

All these numbers are treated as estimates. If you don't know exactly how much you need, that's OK.

Whenever you spend money, fill out an expenditure form -- UNLESS it's a performance honorarium, which has a different form.

Be sure to talk with your adviser, who can help with spending money, and with travel.

Catering for big events: can order online from PSU catering, or use any place that will take a PSU purchase order.

Banners tend to cost about $100, because they're fireproof.

KPSU will sometimes give free advertising. "Publicity/Other" can include Vanguard advertising.

The budgets are really flexible. Money can be spent however you need to, regardless of how much you asked for each category.

They prefer to fund groups that are interacting with either the broader PSU community or the outside non-PSU community.

We can get an "agency account" that's basically a persistent savings account for our club.

Student Activities: "AAA" will fund groups to go somewhere to give a speech, attend a dance, whatever; "Speakers' Board" will fund bringing people to campus.

When filling out the "Level" form: "Meetings" are for business; "Activities" are for other things; "Events" are big things that take planning and money and stuff.

Expenditure Requests are basically requests for a check, though other kinds of purchases are options: Office Depot (with discounts and next-day delivery), Kinko's, and others. Fill out at least a week before you need the money.