PSAS/ news/ 2005-10-03

Student Fee Committee Orientation

There were SFC Orientations October 3rd and 4th. What follows are notes from one of those orientation sessions.

The first year that groups are funded by SFC they typically get $2,000.

Rollover/overage hearings: if in a fiscal year, a group did not spend exactly its budget, the next year it can try to get the overage forgiven, or the unspent money rolled over for the next year.

Budget school is mandatory: attend either Oct. 31, 1pm-2:30pm; or Nov. 1, 4pm-5:30pm. Walk through how to use the online budgeting system. If you don't come to budget school you don't get a password for the web site. If you feel the need to wear a costume, you are welcome to.

Typically, groups can't even attend budget school until they've been an SOC group for one year. This means they can't get their first SFC funds until two years after becoming an SOC group. This may possibly be a little bit flexible.

Advisers and liaisons must sign off on budgets.

Budgets due Nov. 30th; sign-off due Dec. 9th. SFC members meet over winter break and produce questions for the clubs by the beginning of winter term.

"Group A" is for groups with budgeted expenditures over $30,000 (including non-SFC funds). "Group B" is everybody else. These groups have different deadlines and hearing dates.

Must stay in contact with your liaison and your adviser. Keep them in the loop.

Requests must be signed by adviser before SFC meetings (reserve and expenditure requests, for example). Mrs. Cooper can make copies for the committee members given sufficient advance notice.

Be sure to be familiar with the food and travel policies from the SFC guidelines. Food policy, part 2, should be read (a and b and c and (d or e)).