PSAS/ news/ 2005-08-03 - General Meeting: launch logistics for 8/20 launch

Brian - hybrid update. Gaseous oxygen and paraffin wax motor is going to be test fired in a few months, should be able to verify Stanford's results on regression rate at that point. After that, moving on to liquid oxygen motor. Flight motor within two years, if life is good.

Andrew - Launch tower computer has a bit more to do. Two nodes need to be reporgrammed, that's it.

Jamey -

Allen's truck: launch tower, Eric's trailer: generator, tables, chairs, tents

Friday morning:

Friday evening:

Saturday morning:

Unknown: Bart, Keith, Evan, Maggie?, Jimmy?

To do:

recovery teams:

Hams: Andrew, Glenn, Holly, Jamey, Sarah, Larry, Keith, Bart

recovery teams: Holly, Sarah, Larry.... Trina? Markus?