PSAS/ news/ 2005-02-09 - General Meeting: Launch (almost!) debrief, spaceshipone movie

Although we didn't actually get to launch because of a last minute technical difficulty, this was by far the quickest and most efficient we've ever been. Congrats all around.

Our current hypothesis of what happened: the ATV power amplifier was spewing broadband radiation which saturated the wifi and 2m receivers on the rocket. We've run these systems dozens of times, but never on the actual launch rail: it's possible that the launch rail coupled the antennas in mysterious way and saturated the receivers. We'll do some experiments later this month and try to find out what happened.

We talked about what we could have possibly done better the last (almost) launch:

(Please feel free to add your thoughts here!):

It would be interesting to know the absolute minimum number of people required to carry out a launch. Guessing from the list of stations on the CurrentCheckList (and assuming recovery teams are unnecessary), the number is 7. Knowing that, the question is, "how could we streamline operations enough to be done quickly by those few people?". To go to a similar extreme with the time frame, could we setup everything in less than 1 hour? Obviously we can't now, but there must be a way. ;)

Pizza & Movie

Then we all ate pizza and watched a Discovery Channel show on Wiki:SpaceShipOne, Burt Rutan's private space plane. It was a great show, with lots of interesting technical details - thanks to Jay for suggesting we watch it and bringing a DVD!