PSAS/ news/ 2004-12-12 - System Integration and Test Day

Goal: Do a final systems integration and test of the complete LV2 system


The evening before the test, we're going to set everything up so that we can focus on the test the next day. See the schedule for exact times and locations.

On Sunday, we'd like to get started at 10:00am, so please try to show up at 10am and not later, especially if you're needed for the first series of tests on the agenda. We'll end as soon as we're done; right now, around 8:00pm looks about right.... but of course things always take longer than we plan on. Some of us will probably be up late in the night dealing with issues that came up that day, so feel free to stick around late if you want to.


In SE Portland, at ?Andrew's parent's cabin (which is now his workshop).


Things to bring

We'll arrange to bring in sandwiches for lunch and pizza for dinner, so bring money if you want some.

LV2 things:

Other things: