PSAS/ news/ 2004-02-09 - Test of a v2 CPA constructed at sea level

Jared and Glenn

A final test of the version 2 cylindrical patch antenna

We are thinking the difference between the cylindrical antennas constructed on the desert at 5000 ft MSL and the flat patch antennas constructed at 100 ft MSL is tha altitude. So this is why we want to test constructing a final cylindrical patch antenna at 100 ft MSL and see if it explanis the difference. We are expecting the difference in frequency from designed will be closer to the flat antennas.

Preliminary Test plan

  1. Calibrate the VNA to 2.25 - 2.45 GHz ( right frequency range? )
  2. Attach the new wifi antenna.
  3. Write down the resonant frequency and bandwidth.
  4. Take a snapshot of the S11 curve.

  5. Calibrate the VNA to 1.50 - 1.60 GHz ( right frequency range? )

  6. Attach the new GPS antenna.
  7. Write down the resonant frequency and bandwidth.
  8. Take a snapshot of the S11 curve.


Start time 1400 PST
Temp Approx. 68 deg F

Measurement range 2.25 - 2.45 GHz
Resonant frequency 2.2979 GHz
Bandwidth 2.2694 -> 2.3226 GHz = 53.2 MHz
SWR at resonance 1.12 : 1

Note: The SWR shown on the following graph had drifted up a bit as I approached the VNA to make the recording.

Measurement range 1.45 - 1.60 GHz
Resonant frequency 1.5211 GHz
Bandwidth 1.5087 -> 1.5355 GHz = 26.8 MHz
SWR at resonance 1.09 : 1

End time 1446 PST