PSAS/ news/ 2003-07-15 - General Meeting

Launch set: Decision to aggressively pursue two launches of LV2 for 20 Sep 03 weekend.

Team updates

Airframe: Work party tomorrow night. LV2 needs minor repairs. Working on new (second)LV2 airframe: skin laid up, need to do airframe modules, nosecone layup, fin canister (new design?).

Avionics: Working on firmware. Building recovery node. Antennas still up in the air - either slots or patches. Hopefully next gen of "home made" patch antennas; need to test on actual airframes. GPL-GPS in full swing.

Software: Working on all sorts of things: flight sequencer, rocketview, launch tower. Need help on protocol routers.

Propulsion: N and O motors are done. Need to supply motor casings to enable antenae testing on each airframe. P motor scheduled for development in 2004.

Team coordination