PSAS/ news/ 2003-06-04 - Measurements of v1 CPA's in PSU's Microwave Lab

Before we headed out to the Xerox anechoic chamber (and thus get some kind of idea of the CPA's propogation), we wanted to test the SWR of the antennas. So we brought the antenn down to the PSU microwave lab.

Attached below are the data files from the HP 8753E Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Unfortunately, we didn't save the JPEG's of the screens.

What we found was that the initial SWR of 7 was due to microfine cracks in the radiators on the top surface of the RT Duroid. We soldered over the obvious cracks and immediately got a SWR of 2.0 at the design frequency of 2.422 GHz.

Here's the data, from an Excel import of the data:

v1 Wifi 2.422GHz Cyndrical Patch Antenna SWR vs frequency v1 GPS 1.575GHz Cyndrical Patch Antenna SWR vs frequency