PSAS/ news/ 2003-04-01 - General Meeting: rescheduled June 2003 launch

Team Updates

Airframe: Progress on the airframe drilling jigs. Have all materials except for bleeder for new aeroshell. Lots of buzz about parafin-based hybrid rockets.

Avionics: Things going slowly, with a little progress here and there. Michael is laying out a new CompactFlash carrier. Andrew is finishing up the power node firmware. Tim is laying out the recovery node. Dennis is working on the 2m radio for the recovery board. Ted is working hard on getting the next generation launch tower computer together.

Software: Most of the software effort is going into writing the Usenix 2003 paper which we'll present in June 14, 2003 in San Antonio, TX. Larry is working on sequencer.

Launch Schedule

We decided to move the launch date back a weekend to the weekend of June 27-29, 2003 in order to not overlap with a Tripoli launch during the 20-22 at the same site... as well as to give the avionics team another week.

The go/no go meeting will be Tuesday May 13th 2003 8:00pm in FAB 155. Please try and make this if possible.

Other News

We've decided to just scrap the LV2 project and begin immediate work on an X Prize vehicle. We sketched out the design on paper and it'll work beautifully.

Just think what we could do with that $10M!