PSAS/ news/ 2002-11-05 - General Meeting: Scheduling for 2003

Proposed Schedule

Although many folks were missing from the meeting, the following schedule seemed reasonable:

Sunday May 4, 2003 Almost T-45 days to launch. Final go/no go decision (based on a finished avionics package) before filing for a FAA waiver.
Weekend of June 21, 2003 Launch LV2 with avionics using an M and N motor in Brothers, OR.
Proposed purpose of launch: Avionics system test.
Septemeber 2003 Launch of LV2 on P motor (if ready) in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada (at "BALLS 2003")
Proposed purpose of launch: More altitude. And, of course, to get white dust all over everything.

Work necessary to be done before May 4th 2003


The current airframe needs to have the damaged from the last launch fixed. Apparently the holes in the motor canister were "wowed" out due to the impact of LV2 hitting the ground on the main parachute. The repairs should be quick. There's some talk of having a few more airframes done by the June launch as well.


Finish up of the current hardware. Debugging of the FC software framework. Implementation of the flight state machine. There's a lot of work to be done, but a working system is very close.