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September 20-22 2002 Launch of LV2 in the Black Rock Desert



Drivers and Cars

Driver Equipment Passengers Hauling capacity
James Perkins None have room for 1 Camper Van
Andrew Greenberg Avionics Tim, Larry van
David Sharp None Jamey, Denise car
Brian O'Neel LCM Amy truck
Jim Cloer ? Jennifer truck?
Maggie Kubit ? ? car
Markus Weltin None Amy, possibly 1? car
Dave Cassard None one seat free truck
Matt Rupert None Kellie, John?, Kimberly? truck + RV
James Ward LT Charles truck

Planning on Attending

Name Guest of Paid? Food/Snacks Travel info
Robert Bauer Bart Y N ?
Tim Brandon - Y N Driving with Andrew
Dave Cassard - Y Y Driving
Jim Cloer - N N Driving
Jennifer Cloer Jim N N Driving with Jim
Charles Crocker Jimmy Y N Driving with Jimmy
Nate Davenport - Y N Driving with Markus
Andrew Greenberg - Y Y Driving
Kimberly Harms Matt R. Y N ?
Roger Johnson - N N Driving from CA
Maggie Kubit - Y N Driving with Cathy
Larry Leach - Y Y Driving with Andrew?
Glenn LeBrasseur - Y Y Driving
Trina LeBrasseur Glenn Y Y Driving with Glenn
John Lingdal Matt Y N ?
Bart Massey - Y N Flying to Reno/driving
Cathy Mosher - Y N Driving
Paul Mullen - Y N Driving from CA
Brian O'Neel - Y Y Driving
Amy O'Neel Brian Y Y Driving with Brian
Keith Packard Bart Y N Flying to Reno/driving? RV?
Anthony Pearia (MK) Jamey (-) N ? Driving with David S.
James Perkins - Y N Driving
Richard Johnson(SD) James P (GL) Y (Y) Y Not going to make it
Matt Rupert - Y N Driving
Kellie Selby Matt Y N Driving with Matt R
Jamey Sharp - Y Y Driving with David S.
David Sharp Jamey Y Y Driving
Denise Sharp Jamey Y Y Driving with David S.
Amy Sibal Markus Y Y Driving with Markus
Dave Turner - Y N Flying to Reno/driving
Holly Turner - Y N Flying to Reno/driving
Bruce Walter Glenn Y N Driving from CA
James Ward - N N Driving
Markus Weltin - Y Y Driving

More information

For a schedule and a what to bring list, see: logistics

Ham Radio personnel

Andrew Greenberg KD7CJT
Glenn LeBrasseur KJ7SU
Jimmy Ward KC7KTN
Larry Leach KA7KLE
Dave Turner KC7ZVL
Dennis Young KC7FTZ
Bart Massey KD7SQH
Keith Packard KD7SQG
Day Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset
September 19 5:44 AM 6:01 PM 5:41 PM 3:43 AM
September 20 5:45 AM 6:00 PM 6:06 PM 4:43 AM
September 21 5:46 AM 5:58 PM 6:29 PM (full) 5:42 AM
September 22 5:47 AM 5:56 PM 6:51 PM 6:40 AM
September 23 5:48 AM 5:55 PM 7:14 PM 7:38 AM

NOTE :: all times are Pacific Standard Time, for Reno NV