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Raw Data from EA Flight Computer

We used an Emmanuel Avionics COTS (commercial off the shelf) flight computer to fire the pyrotechnic charges to separate the nosecone and deploy drogue parachute, as well as a to fire a line cutter to deploy the main parachutes.

Along with the pyrotechnic duties, the board also logs data from its onboard Analog Devices ADXL150 accelerometer - which conveniently lets us look at the dynamics of the flight. It also has an Motorola MPX5100 pressure sensor onboard but it doesn't seem to log the data from the pressure sensor, which is really too bad.

Note: we recommend using the file psas_n_comments.prn if you'd like to take a peek at the raw data.

Raw Data Highlights:

Here's the highlights from the raw data:

Time (s) Acceleration (g) Velocity (MPH) Altitude (ft) Comment
0.26 8.48 0.00 0.0 Launch Detect
0.52 12.55 57.63 4.7 Maximum + Acceleration (12.55g)
4.71 -0.39 921.50 3325.2 Maximum Velocity (922mph) & Motor Burnout
5.49 -3.48 882.04 4371.4 Maximum - Acceleration (-3.48g)
33.46 -0.94 4.43 18847.6 Apogee detected by timer.

Graphs of the raw data:

Acceleration from launch detect to motor burnout
lv2 br2002 accel to burnout.png

Acceleration from launch detect until apogee
lv2 br2002 acceleration.png

Velocity from launch detect until apogee
lv2 br2002 velocity.png

Altitude from launch detect until apogee
lv2 br2002 altitude.png