wiki/ news/ 2002-08-03

August 3-4, 2002 Launch Status

_Wednesday July 31st 2002 2:30pm_

Everything is a go for launch: we have the FAA waiver, we have the landowner's permission to use the site, and the airframe is ready. We have two launches currently scheduled: roughly noon on Saturday August 3rd on an "M" motor and roughly noon on Sunday August 4th on an "N" motor.

There are two reasons we may cancel the launch:

  1. Weather: if the sky is overcast below 20,000ft due to clouds or smoke, or the winds are above about 15mph, we will not be able to launch. Since these factors change on an hourly basis, we'll probably just delay launch until the conditions are more favorable.
  2. Fire Danger: We're very concerned about the fire danger in central Oregon as there are over a dozen wildfires burning with a few hundred miles. We're investigating the risks and will come to some conclusion at tonight's general meeting.