PSAS/ news/ 2000-07-12 - General Meeting & Task List in PCAT 103

LV1b Team Meeting

In attendance: Brian, Andrew, Tim, Nathan, Dennis, Bart, Jamey, Glenn, Jimmy

Update on LV1b progress

We had a great LV1b meeting tonight - most everyone made it, and we even got quite a bit accomplished.

Not much has changed on LV1b status. Nothing new on the hardware, and the firmware is very, very close - Andrew will have it finished (!) by Friday. Then the long process of debugging starts.

  1. We went over the "LV1b Task List" - the list of everything needed to be done in order to launch LV1b. Although it was long (!), we decided that only a few of the items that aren't ready which are really critical for launch: The 900MHz downlink system, the GPS unit, and (of course) the firmware.

  2. However, the 900MHz system will be tested this Sunday (July 16th - anyone who can help would be appreciated!), the firmware should be completed over the next two days, and the GPS unit is fairly close to being done - just a few hardware and software things left.

  3. So, since it turns out that we don't need to file the waiver until next week, we decided to meet next Wednesday July 19th for the go/no go decision. That will give us time to finish the firmware, test the 900MHz system and see where the GPS is.

  4. Finally, we went over the Flight Computer states - what constitutes a launch detect, what constitutes an apogee detect, etc.

LV1b Task List

Discussion: This document lists everything left to do before launch organized by system.
Critical systems which need work are highlighted in yellow.
Last Updated: Wed. 07/12/00

Ground Systems

Launch Control Module (Control computer, bridge, ground communications computer)

Launch Tower
In progress: replace launch rails w/ pivoting unit (Jimmy)

Launch Tower Computers and Microcontroller
Needs full system test.

Wireless Ethernet Bridge (cable replacement available)
Needs full systems test (ground systems w/ rocket) with 900MHz Downlink (ground and avionics team)

Power Systems
Tune up Frank's generator (Andrew)

Ground Systems Software

Downlink decode and display (FCSView)
In Progress (Jamey)

Launch Tower Control Software



In progress (Brian)

Launch Clamps
In progress - depends on new launch rail (Dennis)
Needs to be tested (ground team)

Recovery System

Payload parachutes

Body parachute

Interface Plate

Separation Charge & Igniters

Camera Shroud System


Motor Igniters
Need igniters (Brian)



900MHz Downlink (Linx)
Still needs full working test (Glenn & others)
Still needs FEC code (Glenn)

144.45MHz Uplink
On-ground DTMF code generator needs to be re-programmed (Glenn).

400MHz ATV
Needs antenna repair (Glenn)
May want to put in microphone (Glenn)

Avionics Frame & cabling
Needs cleaning up.
Needs new cabling for LV1b FC attachment and a general cleanup (Andrew and Glenn)

Avionics Power Supply
Rebuild power puck (Andrew & Glenn)

Pyrotechnics Power Supply
Need better arrangement of 9V batteries (avionics team)

Need daughterboard for power system and connectors (Ron)
Need to purchase antenna and place in nosecone (Ron)
Possible patch antenna for GPS (Doug)

Flight Computer
Needs cabling to other systems (Andrew)

Foam insulation for temperature stability (Tim)

Avionics Firmware

Flight Computer Operating System (FCOS)
Framework done!
Needs 2 days of clean up (Andrew)
Needs a week of debugging (Andrew)
Needs code walk-thought (MattMc? Michael?)
Needs substantial testing (avionics team)

GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GAINS)
Theory in progress (Tim)