PSAS/ news/ 2000-07-05 - General Meeting in PCAT 103

Team Meeting

In attendance: Anthony, Jamey, Matt R., Nathan Matsuda (new), Andrew, Tim and Paul

It was a very small and very short meeting!

LV2 Updates:

Propulsion Matt needs to fix propellant testing box and may test again this weekend. If given OrCAD schematic, he'll make the GPS daughter board.

ARS Paul said that the ARS is on hold since everyone's incredibly busy (which is true!)

LV1b Updates:

We spent the rest of the meeting talking LV1b details. Jamey and Andrew went over the downlink packet formats, and Tim and Andrew discussed the INS packets.

Firmware Andrew has most of the code written, but it will be a push to get it all done by next Wednesday. He hopes to have the first working version by then. Tim has a kick butt document on the INS, and hope to get the GPS aiding down next, as well as sketch out the first few ideas of what the code will look like.

FCSView Jamey has the super classes down and the code outline (all in his kick butt design document) and is now starting to work on implementing the details.