PSAS/ news/ 1999-12-01 - General Meeting in PCAT 103

Team Updates:DAQ.jpg

Propulsion Team Update (Matt)
Matt has the test chamber and 4 test grains ready to go.
Working copy of the motor development software.
Pressure transducer with 2000psi range!
Testing this Saturday?
2,000lb load cell coming.
DAQ board done. Will try a UNIX terminal program.

Airframe Update (Brian)
Team still working on Design.

Avionics Update (Andrew)
No progress really, except for GPS.

ARS Update (Andrew)
Introduced project, but Paul was missing.

Modeling Update (Tim)
Need to get access to a real aerodynamic simulation program… maybe through Bart we can get access to a mainframe.
1D model might be ok, but will lack critical details.
Maybe we could hook up with other researchers / projects.
Ausroc may have some modeling.

Ground Systems Update (Jim)
Still hasn't been stolen yet!

…and that's it!