PSAS/ news/ 1999-10-02 - System Tests

* *The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd was used to conduct tests for the upcoming launch attempt in Millican, OR.
Many people turned out to help with some of the systems that still needed work. The two main systems that were worked on were ; the payload separation charges and the launch tower/ launch control module wireless Ethernet bridge.
Several different size charges were used to separate the two halves of the rocket. We switched to FFFG black powder to accomplish this so a few test were needed to determine the correct charge size. A 2g charge was finally decided upon. A Big thank to Paul G. and Andrew G. for giving up their Sunday to finish the testing.
The second system that was tested was the wireless bridge. We had had a problem with it out at Black Rock for unknown reasons. The system is specked out to transmit 5 miles but we were having difficulty at 1500 feet. Saturday a distance test was conducted with one half of the system in Jim W's truck which drove about a mile away across the river. It was discovered the original problem was the antennas were just not place high enough off the ground. This was quickly remedied and the system was up and running by the end of the day. We are now confident this system will provide the needed communication to the launch tower.
The weekend was quite full and we are now that much closer to being ready to launch the new LV-1b modified rocket and payload.

* Some pictures of the days events :*

Glenn L. assembles payload.

Andrew G. and Paul G. attach nose cone to payload.

Andrew G. packs parachutes for separation test.

Glenn L., Matt R., and Jamey S. work on piston ejection system and interface plate.

Glenn L. safes paylaod.

Paylaod section is tethered to prevent damage.

Roger J., Anthony, Matt R., Paul G., and Andrew G. ready for separtion test.


Footage of second separation test :
Run time : 8 seconds